dilowe - ділове - the centre of europe /text

dilowe - ділове - the centre of europe

The village, first mentioned in writing in 1615, belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary until the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, then to Czechoslovakia until 1939. From March 1939 until the Russian occupation in 1944 it was Hungarian, then briefly Czechoslovakian again and from 1946 Soviet. Since 1991, the village has belonged to the independent Ukraine.

Until 1947 it bore the Ukrainian name Trybuschany (Трибушани), but was then renamed to its current name. The village became famous for the 2 m high geodesic monument erected in 1887, a concrete obelisk which, according to calculations of the Cartographic Institute of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, in connection with the construction of the railway line Rakhiv-Sighetu Marmației, represents the geographical centre of Europe.