markale|2016 - trailer /video

markale|2016 - trailer /duration 00:04:58

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markale|2016 /data

markale|2016 /data

2-channel video/sound installation

00:26:48 min, HD

waschhaus, Kunstraum Potsdam

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markale|2016 - ulrich polster /text

ulrich polster - markale|2016

The video-collage Markale|2016 is a unification of recordings from the years 1992-95, 2006 and 2016 as well as live broadcastings in Europe during June/July 2016. In its genesis this video work refers to two former works of the artist - MISH (2006) and REPORT (2016). MISH is a travelogue about the Balkans and REPORT a recherche labor about the coverage of the balkan wars and their documentation, starting from the 10-Day war in Slovenia 1991 up to the peace treaty of Dayton in 1995.

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