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(Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, 44º5´N, 18º57´O, 04:36 h) 00:01:58 min, HD, loop

KOW Berlin, Antirepresentationalism2: Trouble with realism

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The complexity of this exhibition [Trouble with Realism] and its mental correlations might best be condensed in this short video by Ulrich Polster. For a few minutes we see, greetings from Claude Monet, a heystack. Wether we are looking at a freeze frame or a cinematic shot is hard to tell. One thinks to observe how haze scraps are slightly moving, but this might be as well an illusion. This reference to art history is broken up by the title of this work: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Han Pijesak, Republika Srpska, 07.08.2007).

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