41.8606 N 13.0312 E - excerpt /video

41.8606 N 13.0312 E - excerpt /duration 00:03:00

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absence - trailer /video

absence - episodes /duration 00:07:55

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absence /data

absence /data

Absence 1 (sound installation: Boris Vogeler)
Light/sound object
14 fluorescent tubes, mirror, microphones, amplifier, 166x2656cm

41.8606°N, 13.0312°E
00:10:00 min, 4K, 4 channel sound
Sound: Ulrich Polster/Boris Vogeler

Absence 2
2 channel Video/sound installation
Acrylic glass, 2 mirrors, sound
00:01:55 min, H, loop

Absence 2
7 C-prints on Fujicolor paper, 28.5x41cm

7 collages, C-print on Fujicolor paper

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absence - hajo schiff /review

ulrich polster - absence - photography, prototype, image and narcissus /by hajo schiff

Berlin based artist Ulrich Polster shows in his fifth solo show at Galerie Jocelyn Wolff moving and restaged images that mirror his recent Italy experience. As a guest in the hide away of German romantic Olevano Romano and triggered by the death of his mother, classical landscape and art became quiet an ambiguous and fractured observation in which beauty and sorrow meet. In between meditative film projection and interactive photography extensions up to existential image markers in a twin projection image experiences are challenged and enlarged.

In the mirror of the self onto the discovered world, found and his own inner images mix and find their metaphysical suspension in a magically talking light installation.

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