c.c.2020-21 - ulrich polster /text

ulrich polster - c.c.2020-21

c.c.2020-21 started with the temporary closure of my gallery and the request to contribute something to their online outsourcing of the program. This impulse strengthened my intention to record this extraordinary time.

The openness and indeterminacy of the situation determined and still determines the process of image and theme finding. During the work I noticed that the themes that emerged during the recording were not far from similar questions from other works. Loneliness, isolation, interpersonal communication were already focal points of my artistic exploration in earlier works.
The overlaps with works, some of which are very far back in time (Crisis, Metamorphoses, Autopsy), as well as with more recent works (Notturno I-II) and works that are currently in the production process (Notturno III) revealed a continuity that I had not expected. This continuity on the one hand, and the simultaneous spontaneity that the situation brings about on the other, is one of the tensions that drives the work process forward.

Zehdenick, May 20220