notturno - trailer /video

notturno - trailer /duration 00:04:59

notturno /data

notturno /data

1-channel video/sound installation
Sound collage: Ulrich Polster
Sound Mastering: Boris Vogeler
Narrators: Liis Kolle, Erman Jones
00:31:44 min, HD, stereo

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

christoph tannert - notturno /text

ulrich polster - notturno /by christoph tannert

Ulrich Polster, who grew up in the GDR during the era of the Cold War, has traced out his aesthetic influences in his single channel projection Notturno. The artist approaches his video pieces from a painterly angle and finds it very important to convey their visual presence to the full. For this reason he decided to project the work onto a Perspex surface.



report - documentation /video

report - documentation /duration 00:03:39

report /data

report /data

7 channel video/sound installation
02:01:02 min, SD synchronized, loop 2015

Kunstmuseum Bonn

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Catalog: TELE GEN, Hirmer Publishers 2015

dieter daniels - report /text

ulrich polster - report /by dieter daniels

Seven monitors transmit excerpts from television reports on the Yugoslav wars, the ten-day war in Slovenia in June 1991, and the Srebrenica massacre in July 1995. For his work, Polster recorded relevant repeats of the German news program Die Tagesschau twenty years later, as transmitted by digital station tagesschau24 (still named ARD EinsExtra until 2012). He selected the reports on Yugoslavia from roughly 200 hours of material to present them in a condensed montage on all seven monitors simultaneously.


report /stills

report /8 stills

Report Draft


mish - trailer /video

mish - trailer /duration 00:05:16

mish /data

mish /data

1-channel video/sound installation
Sound: Christine Scherrer
00:35:20 min, HD, stereo

Neue Sächsische Galerie Chemnitz

mish /stills

mish /5 stills


flusz - trailer /video

flusz - trailer /duration 00:04:59

flusz /data

flusz /data

4-channel video installation
00:19:57 min, HD-SD, synchronized

Installation views: USB Bank, Frankfurt/M

flusz /text

flusz /text

“The willow sees the heron’s image… upside down.”

This Haiku of Basho gives the parable of the hypothetical construct of world view and our individual anchoring in it.
On a ride through foreign places, the glance on cultural identity separates into its fragments. The fragments arise from interior, medial, dreamt pictures, fed on yearnings, projections and surfaces. Sequences occurs which allow complex layering: the token picture is the picture of the picture of the picture.


flusz /stills

flusz /7 stills


antonov - trailer /video

antonov - trailer /duration 00:01:52

antonov /data

antonov /data

Video/Sound: Ulrich Polster
00:11:34 min, SD

antonov /stills

antonov /3 stills


bih - trailer /video

bih - trailer /duration 00:05:14

bih /data

bih /data

(Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, 44º5´N, 18º57´O, 04:36 h) 00:01:58 min, HD, loop

KOW Berlin, Antirepresentationalism2: Trouble with realism

bih /text

bih /text

The complexity of this exhibition [Trouble with Realism] and its mental correlations might best be condensed in this short video by Ulrich Polster. For a few minutes we see, greetings from Claude Monet, a heystack. Wether we are looking at a freeze frame or a cinematic shot is hard to tell. One thinks to observe how haze scraps are slightly moving, but this might be as well an illusion.


bih /stills

bih /2 stills

wir sind das volk

wir sind das volk - documentation /video

wir sind das volk - documentation /duration 00:03:55

wir sind das volk /data

wir sind das volk /data

4-channel video/sound installation
4 video displays, beamed 4-channel audio
00:04:49 min, HD, stereo

Location: Leipzig, Dietrichring (Innenstadtring, close to Mainstation)
Time: 9.10.2014, 18-24 Uhr

Catalog: Lichtfest 2014, LTM GmbH, Leipzig 2014

wir sind das volk - wir sind das volk interview /audio

wir sind das volk - interview /duration 00:05:29

Broadcast: 09.10.2014, mdr Kultur - Figaro, interview by Andreas Höhl

wir sind das volk /concept

wir sind das volk /concept (excerpt)

It is myself I have never met,
whose face is pasted
on the underside of my mind

Sarah Kane, “4.48 Psychosis” 2000

This video/sound installation examines the slogan “We are the people” with regard to its social relevance in 1989 and today, focusing on its inherent meaning in the light of the misuse it experiences from society and the media, on the one hand, and its romantic idealisation on the other. At the same time the piece inquires into the current state of affairs in Europe and discovers the local in the European context, and vice versa.


wir sind das volk /stills

wir sind das volk /11 stills

wir sind das volk /text screens

wir sind das volk /8 text screens

stalker material

stalker material - documentation /video

stalker material - documentation /duration 00:07:22

stalker material /data

stalker material /data

7-channel video/sound installation
Sound: Boris Vogeler / Ulrich Polster
Field recording: Sylke Blumstengel / Ulrich Polster
00:40:00 min, HD synchronized, loop

Catalog: STALKER/MATERIAL, Neue Sächsische Galerie, Chemnitz, 2015

stalker material - making of stalker material /video

stalker material - making of stalker material /duration 00:20:22

arvo iho - painted with light /text

painted with light /by arvo iho “People now nothing of their subconscious desires.” Where they are now building on the ‘boiler’ was the gate to the Zone in the film ‘Stalker’ by Andrei Tarkovski. In the industrial estate between Old Narva and Leningrad Avenues all the trips using the flatbed railway truck were filmed. At the bridge over the River Pirita the flatbed truck halted, that’s where they got off and headed in a northerly direction.


claus löser - dormant images /text

dormant images /by claus löser On 1 May 1981 of all days Andrei Tarkovsky‘s movie Stalker opened in some cinemas in the GDR. The news of this curious, cryptic, philosophical and in every respect unusual work spread like wildfire in the circles of people seeking ways out of the intellectual dilemma of everyday existence under really existing socialism. How was this possible? The fact that it was from the Soviet Union of all places that a film reached us that struck these hidden chords in us?


matthias lindner - captive in time /text

captive in time /by matthias lindner “The machine-gun-man on the … motorcycle.” The projection opens with words from the contemporary witness Arvo Iho, the only comprehensible speech in the video installation. The former intern on the set bears witness in this way to the starting point of Polster’s video – the former locations of Tarkovsky’s Stalker. In the course of the 40 minutes Polster will modify additional typical Tarkovsky scenes and ambiances/environments: the train trip and the waterfall, the large areas of fog, fire, landscapes full of ruins.


hajo schiff - going behind the images /text

going behind the images /by hajo schiff JOURNEY Everything starts with an image – and it will also end with this image. What expands in between to a 39-minute 7-channel video projection is a stream of associations, interpretations and effects derived from it. An extremely subjective world of images carries you off, not unlike its cinematic model, Tarkovsky’s Stalker, after a train journey into a ZONE which can never be exactly comprehended behind the image and between the images.



frost - trailer /video

frost - trailer /duration 00:02:55

frost /data

frost /data

00:05:19 min, SD

frost /stills

frost II

frost II - documentation /video

frost II - documentation /duration 00:02:55

frost II /data

frost II /data

3-channel video/sound installation
Sound: Thomas Christoph Heyde
Cello: Andrzej Bauer
00:23:20 min, synchronized

Performance: Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig

frost II /stills

frost II /8 stills

frost III

frost III - trailer /video

frost III - trailer /duration 00:03:02

frost III /data

frost III /data

3-channel video/room installation
Sound: Thomas Christoph Heyde
00:20:50 min, SD, synchronized

Installation views: Liste, Basel

frost III /stills

frost III /2 stills


fracht - documentation /video

fracht - documentation /duration 00:11:48

fracht /data

fracht /data

1-channel video/sound installation
Sound: Thomas Christoph Heyde
Field recording: Thomas Christoph Heyde / Ulrich Polster
00:11:48 min, HD, Stereo

9.2.2016-11.2.2016 Werk II, Leipzig

Premiere: GfZK, May 2015


versprengung - trailer /video

versprengung - trailer /duration 00:07:39

versprengung /data

versprengung /data

1-channel video/sound installation
00:23:33 min, HD
Video: Ulrich Polster
Composition: Juliana Hodkinson

Music: KNM Orchester Berlin
Singing Berlin: Marc Weiser
Preview: Radialsystem V, Berlin, April 2011

Singing Aarhus: Jacob Bloch Jespersen
Premiere: Spor Festifal 2011, Mai 2011, Aarhus, DK

versprengung /text

versprengung /text

We started off our collaboration with a common will structure. We began with a formal vision that was to bring our individual processes together, and give us clarity and security.


versprengung /stills

versprengung /7 stills

versprengung - making of /video

versprengung - making-of /duration 00:04:15

made in usa

made in usa - trailer /video

made in usa - trailer /duration 00:15:39

made in usa /data

made in usa /data

Installation, mixed media
5 VHS players, 5 TV sets, photographies, working sketches
Size: variable

made-in-usa /views | c-prints

made in usa /5 views | 4 c-prints

made in usa - making-of /video

made in usa - making-of /duration 00:02:59